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That sounds cool, it’ll probably just be a case of following the instructions and then replacing a couple of files, so it would be great if Bati is comfortable installing CKAN, and has maybe done it once or twice.  I don’t really have enough time to mentor someone on how to install CKAN, but definitely enough to guide someone on the needed changes to the current process.


Once I’ve got confirmation that it works I’ll submit a PR with a docs change.






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Sounds cool to me, but not from a technical viewpoint (i‘ll Leave that with others).


Sounds cool because I was hoping that Bati who has started in the Ethiopia team could start writing up some of these install guides and take on much of the Sysadmin Support questions which come in.


Can I intro the two of you and you can mentor him a little on what folks would need in such guides?





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Has anyone done any work on getting Solr 8 to work with CKAN?

On setting up a new laptop today I ran 'brew install solr', because it's a mac and I'm lazy, and ended up with Solr 8 :( Which I guess serves me right.

On the basis that it'll be much easier to get CKAN working with 8 than trying to install 6.x  I've been playing around with the schema and solrconfig and managed to get it up and running. 

I don't want to spend a lot of time, beyond the too-many-hours I've spent staring at XML, turning it into a useful PR if someone else has already started/done this work (and I was too stupid to look).

If nobody has started on this yet, but would be willing to give it a try (with the caveat that it might make your computer explode, your dog hate you and all your backups disappear), I'd be happy to write up how I got it working - then once there's more confidence it is correct I'll turn it into a PR without the manual steps.


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