[ckan-discuss] Data catalog metadata models

Geyer, Kate (ITD) Kate.Geyer at state.ma.us
Fri Apr 2 16:45:56 BST 2010

William Waites:
> On 10-04-01 14:35, Peter Krantz wrote:
> > With the announcement of the dcat vocabulary driven by DERI I
> > that we tro to use that as a starting point:
> >
> > http://vocab.deri.ie/dcat-overview
> >
> > They seem to have done a fair but of research about common
> > and they also try to re-use as much as possible from existing
> > vocabularies. This is a great starting point. I will try to map
> > opengov.sedatasets to dcat and see how it works.
> >
> There seems to be consensus on this within data.gov.uk as well

We're mapping our datasets to dcat here in Mass as well.

-Kate Geyer

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