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Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Thu Apr 22 13:59:45 BST 2010

Some new open data catalogues from Spain!

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A couple weeks ago, the W3C Spain Office, and CTIC organized an event
called "W3C Day in the Public Administration" [1]. A number of
representatives of different governments in Spain were gathered
together in order to talk and present the latest news on Open
Government Data in Spain.

Some interesting open data projects were presented:

* opendata.euskadi.net [2] (in Spanish), Basque Government Public Open
Data. They have large datasets ZIPped in 'traditional' formats (XML,
CSV), but also have some of them published in RDF files.

* risp.asturias.es [3] (in Spanish), Principality of Asturias Public
Open Data. An approach focused on Linking Government Data, where the
datasets are in a triple-store, can be queried using a SPARQL
endpoint, and are visualized in HTML. Also, there are examples of

* datos.zaragoza.es [4] (in Spanish), Saragossa City Council Public
Open Data; a list with some public data in different formats
(XML-SOAP, HTML, RDF, GeoRSS). Also, they have installed a platform
for citizens building mashups to use these data [5].

If you are more interested in more details, please let me know, or
read the report of the event [6].

Best regards,


[1] http://datos.fundacionctic.org/en/2010/04/dia-w3c-novedades-importantes-sobre-rispogd-en-espana/
[2] http://opendata.euskadi.net
[3] http://bit.ly/datosasturias
[4] http://datos.zaragoza.es
[5] http://ezweb.tid.es/accounts/login/?next=/
[6] http://www.w3c.es/Eventos/2010/DiaW3CAdmin/Informe/index.html.en

Martín Álvarez Espinar
CTIC-Centro Tecnológico

Jonathan Gray

Community Coordinator
The Open Knowledge Foundation


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