[ckan-discuss] Starting an open data registry for Belgium

Mehmet Koksal info at mehmet.be
Tue Aug 31 20:54:54 BST 2010

Dear CKAN members, 

My name is Mehmet Koksal, I am a freelance investigative journalist working in Brussels (for Courrier international, IPS News, Alter, Parlemento,...) and specialising in local minority issues, local politics, transparency and wobbing (FOI) issues. Last week in Amsterdam, I met Jonathan Gray during a conference on data journalism. I'm now interested in starting an open data registry to gather Belgium's local/regional/federal databases and analysis. The idea is to promote investigative reporting, transparency and equal opportunity.

Today I just collected and published (on www.Parlemento.com) the last Belgium election expenditures (this database is very difficult to access as civil servants allow only 15-day access to voters, by publishing online this information I make this available to everyone for anytime)

It would be nice to get some technical help to install and start running a new Belgian CKAN registry. 

Looking forward to hear from you,

Mehmet Koksal
info at mehmet.be
+32 486 451 678 
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