[ckan-discuss] faq for ckan users

Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Sat Dec 4 15:19:09 GMT 2010

Amazing! Good idea. Yes we should definitely do this. I would love to help.

Also I think we still need a few more votes on whether or not we
should start a dedicated CKAN blog as we're currently pretty divided
on this:


Also we should have a short introductory video (with screenshots /
explanation of packaging for data, etc) but this is a separate thread,
and should probably wait until after UI/UX overhaul. Would be
*amazing* to have an animator helping with this to make it more
interesting for general audience! ;-)

2010/12/4 Olav Anders Øvrebø <olav.ovrebo at gmail.com>:
> I am planning to write a FAQ to explain CKAN to new users. I think this is
> necessary - based on feedback from different people, and based on my own
> experience. (The "new package" form is not completely self-explanatory, for
> example). Does someone want to participate in this? I think a good idea
> would be to write it in English, then leave it to the different national
> "teams" to translate and adapt.
> -olav
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