[ckan-discuss] faq for ckan users

Stefano Costa stefano.costa at okfn.org
Sun Dec 5 11:56:31 GMT 2010

Il giorno sab, 04/12/2010 alle 16.03 +0100, Olav Anders Øvrebø ha

> I am planning to write a FAQ to explain CKAN to new users. I think
> this is necessary - based on feedback from different people, and based
> on my own experience. (The "new package" form is not completely
> self-explanatory, for example). Does someone want to participate in
> this? I think a good idea would be to write it in English, then leave
> it to the different national "teams" to translate and adapt. 

very good idea and I'm ready to help you out. 3 days ago we had a "CKAN
Party" in Italy and as most people were newcomers we found out what are
the most common problems they find, especially when adding new packages
as you said.

I'm all for keeping this FAQ separate from the technical docs, instead
it would be much better if it was incorporated in the CKAN website(s).


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