[ckan-discuss] RDF for data catalogues (was: Re: Universal distributed open government data catalog?)

William Waites ww at haagenti.com
Sat Feb 20 18:45:58 GMT 2010

I just changed this to void:Dataset actually - though we have a similar
problem - void:Datasets are supposed to be only for datasets available
in RDF, as most of these are not... I'm leaning towards dcterms:Dataset.

On the categories, I agree we need to think it through more. I'm not
certain what best practice is here (and there seems to be a last of
BCP type docs in the RDF world...)

I'm happy to work through this with you though, and also have some
involvement with the data.gov.uk project, which needs its CKAN instance
rendered as RDF, so this is relevant there too.


for the current version of what Rufus pastied (there's an RDF/XML link
on the page now as well.


Le 10-02-20 à 16:25, Peter Krantz a écrit :

> (Sorry if this is getting slightly off-topic on the eGov IG list, but
> I believe there are people here who are interested.)
> On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 15:03, Rufus Pollock  
> <rufus.pollock at okfn.org> wrote:
>> Great stuff Peter. For comparison, here's an example of what you get
>> from ckan.net + semantic.ckan.net:
>> http://pastie.org/830693
> Great! Now we can do some harmonization work! Some questions:
> You use scovo:Dataset. As I interpret the scovo definition of Dataset
> [1] these are only supposed to be statistical datasets?
> Categorisation is expressed with doap:category. The definition of
> doap:category [2] suggests that it is the "category of a project" (and
> has rdfs:domain doap:project) which may seem inconsistent when dealing
> with datasets?
> [1]: http://sw.joanneum.at/scovo/schema.html#c-Dataset
> [2]: http://usefulinc.com/ns/doap#category
>> At the moment we redirect into semantic.ckan.net from ckan.net via a
>> rel=alternative and 303 on the Accept header, e.g try out:
> God feedback, I should do that too.
>> Maybe it would be worth getting together for half-an-hour on skype  
>> and
>> etherpad to work on hammering out a shared ontology here? I also know
>> the people from DERI (Richard Cyganiak especially) are working on  
>> this
>> so we should talk with them.
> I CC:ed him in this email. I am swamped with work next week and will
> be in Avignon throughout March with limited connectivity. I'll get
> back to you as soon as I'm back.
>>> Please note that the feed contains datasets that are not (yet) open.
>>> Some may have a commercial license and may not be available on the
>>> web.
>> That's also true for us ;)
> But your front page says "CKAN is a registry of _open_ data and
> content packages."? Anyways, that was good to know because then I'll
> try to make sure you can get all the swedish datasets I have found.
> Regards,
> Peter
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