[ckan-discuss] Follow up from Open Data Catalogues Meeting (2009-02-11)

Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Wed Feb 24 18:40:43 GMT 2010

Hi all,

Just a quick note to follow up from open data catalogues meeting a
couple of weeks ago [1]:

  * There are now notes up at:
http://wiki.okfn.org/OpenDataCatalogues/1/ and
  * I've subscribed participants to 'ckan-discuss' list to take
discussion forward and to plan similar meetings in future

In terms of action items, please feel free to pitch in to this list
with ideas regarding data catalogue interoperability, new features for
CKAN, and so on.

I also think Antti volunteered to lead on developing a guide to
different options for open data catalogues aimed at people looking
into this for the first time. I've created a wiki page based on our


It would be great if anyone working on open source software for data
catalogues could liaise with Antti to add details about their project!

[1] http://blog.okfn.org/2010/02/09/interested-in-making-an-open-data-catalogue-virtual-meeting-on-11th-february-2010/

Jonathan Gray

Community Coordinator
The Open Knowledge Foundation


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