[ckan-discuss] ckan.net upgraded to v1.1c in preparation for v1.1 release

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Mon Jul 19 11:51:35 BST 2010

In preparation for the imminent v1.1 release (expected by end of
July), yesterday I deployed the very latest version of the CKAN code
(v1.1c = v1.1rc1) to http://ckan.net/. (test.ckan.net has also been

If anyone spots anything wrong please email the list so we can fix it up.

@Benoit: unfortunately there have been some very minor changes to a
few strings around the introduction of a site_title config variable.
Is it possible to merge changes across in ckan-i18n and update the po
files so that transifex has the v1.1 material? (Guaranteed to be no
further changes from now).


PS: I'm without access to email for the rest of this week ...

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