[ckan-discuss] Problem with adding packages to groups

Richard Cyganiak richard at cyganiak.de
Wed Jul 21 18:50:42 BST 2010


I'm trying to add a package to a group, but it doesn't work.

I go to http://www.ckan.net/group/lodcloud . I'm authorized to edit  
this group, the OpenID I'm logged in with matches the one that's  
listed there. I click on [edit]. I scroll down to "Add Packages", and  
enter "productdb", a valid package name. I click "Save". This takes me  
to http://www.ckan.net/group/lodcloud without any error messages or  
other notification, but the package does not show up as a new member  
of the group.

I tried other packages as well, with the same results.

The other administrator of the group (Anja, cc) gets the same results.

The same thing worked some weeks ago, I used that process to add a  
number of packages to the group. What's wrong now?


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