[ckan-discuss] Installation issues

Tim McNamara paperless at timmcnamara.co.nz
Thu Jun 24 00:34:14 BST 2010

At the risk of exposing some ignorance, I thought I would share my
difficulties with installing CKAN locally.

I've been attempting to follow the instructions in the docs [1], but have
not yet been able to get things sorted.

My first issue was that some, of the pip install were failing. I ended up
installing the dependencies globally with the Ubuntu packages. I was
surprised that this hadn't been encountered by anyone else. I don't have the
list with me here. I'll attempt to recreate the problem when I get home with
a clean virtualenv.

Once that was solved, these instructions were quite confusing to me [note:
I've just reread README after a few days' absence and I think I just
misinterpreted things stupidly last week]:

3. Make a config file as follows:

> # NB: you need to activate the virtualenv

paster --plugin ckan make-config ckan {your-config.ini}

Specifically, these are some questions that were raised in my mind:

   - How do I activate a virtualenv? Where is the best link with
   instructions to do this? I class myself as something close to
   just-graduated-to-intermediate Python programmer (generators are still
   slightly mind-twisting to me), but haven't delved into virtualenv.
   - Where is {your-config.ini} on my system? Do I rename a default config
   file? Is there a location that it should be living in?
   - What's paster?

I've subsequently read up quite a it on the first and third issues [and have
just realised that paster is actually creating the configuration file.

I will take a look again tonight at getting things sorted. I look forward to
being able to work on some of the tickets as time permits.


[1] http://knowledgeforge.net/ckan/doc/ckan/README.html
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