[ckan-discuss] Suggestion: better visibility of Ontologies

Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Wed Mar 3 19:39:25 GMT 2010

Hi Christopher,

What do you think about the possibility of having a dedicated
'ontologies' group?


Would this make sense? And might you be interested in helping to
establish this? Can you think of anyone else to invite who might be
able to help maintain it? I'd love to help but - I'm afraid its not
really my area. ;-)

If so, you can log in with OpenID and create a new group at:


All the best,


2010/2/16 Christophe Guéret <christophe.gueret at gmail.com>:
> Hello,
> I received a call from the NeON people to contribute in building this list
> of ontologies : http://ontologydesignpatterns.org/wiki/Ontology:Main
> This made me think that there is no much visibility for ontologies on CKAN.
> There are some and the only way I found to spot them is to look for the tag
> "ontology".
> Would it make sens to make a distinction between data packages and ontology
> packages on the main page of CKAN ?
> This would help finding ontologies and also would position CKAN as both a
> data catalog and ontology/vocabulary/schema catalog (like schemaweb).
> Christophe
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