[ckan-discuss] Suggestion and Question

David Eaves david at eaves.ca
Thu Mar 4 00:18:44 GMT 2010

Hi Rufus,

Wanted to loop back to two issues that we talked about ages ago - to see 
if the functionality already existed in CKAN.

First is - is it possible to customize the drop down menus?
For example under license - the drop menu has a ton of options. I'd love 
to weed out those that don't happen in Canada, plus add a few (like 
Crown Copyright) that do. Is this possible to do on our ca.ckan.net 
install?). Also, can we create drop down menus? For example, under data 
maintainer - it would be interesting a drop down menu limited to the 
ministries - this would reduce typing errors when people register new 

Second - It is possible to create some administrative functions within 
CKAN? For example, I would be great if anyone can add a package, but it 
might be nice for it not to be "published" until it has been reviewed by 
an administrator. Is this possible on ca.ckan.net?


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