[ckan-discuss] Search by "Extras" field

William Waites ww at styx.org
Tue Mar 9 21:22:07 GMT 2010

Also, how should we construct RDF out of the extras?

Searching it would be easy in that case...

Do we make an extras key namespace? Do we make a (configurable)
mapping onto terms from other vocabularies? Both (via sameAs?)

Are the values always text strings or might they be URIs?


Le 10-03-09 à 20:15, David Read a écrit :

> The simplest way to do this is with the search API. You can do
> something like this:
> http://ckan.net/api/search/package?department=Her+Majesty's+Treasury
> The docs ( http://knowledgeforge.net/ckan/doc/ckan/api.html ) show
> that 'department' is in a small hard-coded list of extra fields that
> are indexed in the search and accessible through the API. So as it is
> right now, 'ministry' won't work in this way, because we've not needed
> this flexibility up until now.
> It might make sense to have this list configurable in the config file.
> Alternatively we could just index all extra fields and when parsing
> the search query, if the key isn't one of the known fields or search
> commands then search the extra fields for it. Perhaps it would be best
> to allow key prefixed with 'extra-', giving
> "?extra-ministry=Treasury". Rufus, what do you think?
> David
> On 9 March 2010 19:23, Colin Calnan <colin at raisedeyebrow.com> wrote:
>> Is there anyway to list Packages by "extras" fields via the API?
>> Would it be possible to call ckan.net/api/rest/package/extrasKey- 
>> extrasValue
>> ?
>> We're using extras fields to hold information about government  
>> ministries,
>> and it would be great if we could list all packages that are  
>> assigned a
>> ministry. Right now to get that data I have to loop through every  
>> package
>> and build the list as I go along.
>> Regards,
>> Colin
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