[ckan-discuss] update CKAN Norway

Olav Anders Øvrebø olav at oov.no
Fri Mar 12 12:41:28 GMT 2010

Hi everyone. Thanks to Jonathan and Rufus, we have made good progress on 
a Norwegian language version of CKAN. Using the Transifex tool I have 
finished a first rough translation:

As was mentioned in an earlier thread and in my guest blog post, as part 
of our project on Norwegian govt. data we have collected information on 
some 140 data sources in a Google spreadsheet:

I have translated the column headers, and hopefully an import into CKAN 
will be successful (please tell me if I need to do further 
modifications). After no.ckan.net is online with these data sources, I 
hope that we can mobilize the Norwegian open data community to register 
more packages there. It will definitely be more attractive to contribute 
than it was with the simple spreadsheet.


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