[ckan-discuss] buildbot success in Open Knowledge Foundation on buildbot-test

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Thu Mar 18 21:28:06 GMT 2010

John Bywater wrote:
>> Good work. By the way how does one get the ckan only set of results
>> (for the case where we're testing code other than ckan in the buildbot
>> at some future point ...).
> I'm not exactly sure, but I would try creating a build master per 
> project (roughly: projects => build masters; platforms => build slaves).

A simpler approach would be to stick with one build master and add a 
step for each project. It would be like the steps in build 4, but with 
ckan-buildandsmoke.py, licenses-buildandsmoke.py, 
ckanclient-buildandsmoke.py, and so on, instead of those trivial shell 


If one steps fails, the other steps are still run, but the overall build 
result result will be a red bar. That's how the Appropriate Software 
Foundation build bot works (each step runs one part of the foundation 
test suite, which composes all system and service tests into a single 
test suite).


But then you can't trigger building just one thing. Hence the suggestion 
to have several build masters.

Best wishes,


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