[ckan-discuss] no.ckan.net - how to improve translation

Olav Anders Øvrebø olav at oov.no
Mon Mar 29 17:19:35 BST 2010

After no.ckan.net went online I have noted some mistakes in the 
translation. Some of it is related to syntax (words coming in the wrong 
order), some are punctuation errors. Mostly I think this is due to the 
fact that it wasn't always easy to see the context the words would be 
presented in when we translated.

Anyway, I would like to correct the mistakes, but it doesn't seem 
possible now to edit the file at Transifex 
(http://www.transifex.net/projects/p/ckan/c/website/). How should I do 
it - any tips?

Also, there are quite a few words on CKAN that haven't been translated 
at all. You can see examples on the package page: 
http://no.ckan.net/package/arsmelding_barnehager. For example under 
"Rangering" and "Status". I don't think we overlooked these during the 
translation, so they seem to be missing from the translation file.
(Please ignore the English words in the section under "Extras", that is 
from an imported spreadsheet and will be corrected through a planned 
re-import from the spreadsheet).


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