[ckan-discuss] publishing CKAN documentation?

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Tue Oct 5 12:01:19 BST 2010


It's a perennial problem, the CKAN team is trying to work out how best 
to publish CKAN documentation. What's "broken" is that there is some 
amount of decoupling between particular versions of the CKAN software 
and particular version of the CKAN documentation that has arisen from 
wanting to put the documentation online.

So far, we have one requirement:

"The system shall support browsing to correct version of the CKAN 
documentation for a given service."

Does that describe the problem we should try to solve, or is there 
anything else we need to consider?

We'd like to automate this, so suggestions for how to do this very 
welcome! :-)

Best wishes,


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