[ckan-discuss] Multiple package schemas

David Read david.read at okfn.org
Wed Oct 6 17:51:14 BST 2010

Dear all,

We are starting to need to allow different *sorts* of packages, each
with particular metadata fields. This allows package editors use a
more suitable form than the 'standard' one, and in the future we can
display different packages according to their schema too. Below I
outline a proposal to extend the UI and API - do let me know what you
think there are potetial pitfalls or other issues or solutions come to


Packages have 'extra' fields which allows users to freely extend the
package metadata. Now we are seeing groups of packages all wanting to
use the same 'extra' fields and structure that data. Structuring the
data is of course good. For a couple of CKAN customers we've
customised the package edit form to show these 'extra' fields and
provide validation, and the next logical step is to allow people to
have multiple forms per CKAN instance.

LOD packages are automatically turned into the LOD cloud diagram. LOD
packages are on CKAN.net which is needs to keep the general form, but
a LOD specific form would be beneficial, to replace the extensive
guidelines stored externally:

Use cases:
A user wants to create a new LOD package.
A user wants to move a standard package to/from the LOD schema.
Users can view each LOD package in a 'package read' page customised for LOD.

Proposed solution:
* A new extra field 'schema' stores the schema name if not the
standard one. e.g. schema=lod
* The package/new and package/edit forms have a combo box at the top
where you select the schema and a (form submit) 'change' button.
* When you change the schema the form changes, (but no data is
changed, allowing you to reverse your changes having not lost any
'extra' data.)
(* Schema forms can either include the free-form 'extra' fields, or
not, in which case any non-showing extra fields are not affected by
submitting the form.)
* The form API is extended to provide the same facility:
    /form/schema - a new register listing available schemas (for the combo box)
    /form/package/create?schema=lod - the new parameter allows you to
select a form schema
    /form/package/edit/PACKAGE-REF?schema=lod - if you want to edit
with a new schema

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