[ckan-discuss] Plugins, new version (was: Re: Death to Blinker)

Friedrich Lindenberg friedrich at pudo.org
Mon Oct 18 20:33:10 BST 2010

Hi all, 

I'd like to call for some review on this refactoring in its current stage (it is implementing a very simple 2nd iteration of the plugin architecture and removed some complexity regarding queue notifications): 


Although its currently implemented without any external dependencies (indeed removing the need for blinker), I could imagine pulling in this library before pushing to main:


This would then implement most of Rufus' original CEP 003, http://okfnpad.org/ckan-plugins



On Oct 14, 2010, at 2:05 PM, David Read wrote:

>>> I can't comment on this trac / IoC thing because you must have only
>>> mentioned it to Rufus, but I'd be certainly interested.
>> Nope, it's discussed as one part of the original plugins proposal :)
> Ah, thanks for the reference.
>> <http://ckan.okfnpad.org/plugins>
>> <quote>
>> 3. Trac Component Architecture
>> http://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/TracDev/ComponentArchitecture
>> 4. Envisage (enthough):
>> https://svn.enthought.com/enthought/wiki/EnvisageThree/core.html
>> 5. http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pyutilib.component.core/
>>  * Based on trac.core. Looks well-factored and very promising
>> </quote>
>> Rufus

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