[ckan-discuss] Open Registry vs. Open Data

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Sun Sep 5 20:41:02 BST 2010

William Waites wrote:
> On 10-09-05 16:00, Alan Ruttenberg wrote:
>> As I said, the first line on the CKAN home page says: "CKAN is a
>> registry of open data and content packages.". Therefore I think there
>> is a reasonable expectation that the packages registered there are
>> open.
> Actually, it is my understanding that CKAN is an
> *open registry* and includes packages that are
> partially open, unclearly licensed or even that
> someone thinks should be open but at present are
> not.
> I agree that the text is misleading and should
> probably be fixed. I'm crossposting to ckan-discuss,
> and if nobody objects I'll change it to "CKAN is
> an open registry of data and content packages"

What about saying it's an open software service, or linking to the OSSD?


> It seems to me the case that packages in the curated
> LOD group should all be themselves open, by
> definition.
> Cheers,
> -w

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