[ckan-discuss] Italian translation updated and question about customisation

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Mon Sep 20 08:53:55 BST 2010

On 18 September 2010 21:13, Stefano Costa <stefano.costa at okfn.org> wrote:
> Il giorno sab, 18/09/2010 alle 19.17 +0100, Rufus Pollock ha scritto:
>> Will do.
> Thanks Rufus! If I have some time I'd like to translate isitopen to
> Italian. I see that i18n is now possible
> http://knowledgeforge.net/ckan/isitopen/rev/d49c2bbec6ab but apparently
> the POT file is missing the "advanced" functionality introduced in CKAN
> 1.1 with more flexible translation messages (i.e. word order).

Yes, you are right. However, that is easy to introduce (need to
upgrade Genshi version but that is simple). Will look to do this in
the near future.

>> > And, by the way, can anyone point me to documentation about
>> > customisation of CKAN? There's a group of people in Italy that are
>> > increasingly interested in creating a portal along the lines of
>> > http://datadotgc.ca/ - but possibly staying on OKF infrastructure.
>> Theming:
>> <http://wiki.okfn.org/ckan/doc/theme>
> I will take a look and make people aware that customisation is as easy
> as HTML + CSS.

Please do also feel free correct that page based on your experiences
using the information there :)


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