[ckan-discuss] Disqus comments plugin and package renaming

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Fri Sep 24 10:59:30 BST 2010

Dear Friedrich,

As author of the ckan disqus comments plugin I've noticed a minor
'bug' related to package renaming.

This package has recently had quite a few comments:


However the package was recently renamed from:


The recent comments section on the home page still links to the old
package name (even for new comments made since the rename). Now sure
why this is.

Also indicates that we implement a redirect from old package names to
new package names (at least up until the point new package with that
name) -- something discussed for a while:


I think we should also make permaurls (i.e. package id -- which is a
uuid) clearly available from the package page. (another ticket!)

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