[ckan-discuss] Visualisation of linked data packages in CKAN

Richard Cyganiak richard at cyganiak.de
Fri Sep 24 20:15:16 BST 2010

I wanted to highlight once more this link that Ed posted in his  
previous email -- after some improvements it's now even better:


This is a dynamic visualisation that shows the relationships between  
more than 200 CKAN packages. It shows most if not all of the packages  
that are available in linked data format, color-coded by rating.  
Clicking on the diagram opens the corresponding CKAN package page. The  
visualisation is automatically updated every few hours with the latest  
data from CKAN.

I think this is really cool and shows the power of CKAN as an open  
platform. A huge Thank You to all of you who made CKAN into such a  
useful resource!

All the best,

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