[ckan-discuss] Setting up a Spanish instance of CKAN

Jo Walsh jo.walsh at ed.ac.uk
Mon Sep 27 09:19:22 BST 2010

dear Javier, all,

On 24/09/2010 22:28, Javier de la Cueva wrote:
> I have installed a CKAN instance in http://opengov.es for Spanish
> databases.
> incompatibility with virtualenv[1]?
> am not able to use lang=es in configuration file --still looking--).
> Any recommendation will be welcome.

Lacking recommendations here, but just wanted to bump the discussion 
thread and to say hello - Javier, i think we met briefly at a 
hackmeeting in Malaga - i had a very small baby at the time, he's now 
2.25 ...

Also wondering; as Spain is federal in structure and many regional 
governments run their own "portals" (particularly for geodata); do you 
plan to use CKAN to aggregate different incoming feeds of data packages, 
as well as annotate packages that are put together centrally - i don't 
understand enough about Spain's government structures to tell how it 
*ought* to look.

I forwarded your mail to spanish at lists.osgeo.org - some ongoing 
conversation about open (geo)data catalogues there...

good luck!

Jo Walsh

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