[ckan-discuss] Setting up a Spanish instance of CKAN

Javier de la Cueva jdelacueva at derecho-internet.org
Mon Sep 27 10:25:53 BST 2010

El 27/09/10 10:19, Jo Walsh escribió:
> dear Javier, all,
> On 24/09/2010 22:28, Javier de la Cueva wrote:


> Lacking recommendations here, but just wanted to bump the discussion
> thread and to say hello - Javier, i think we met briefly at a
> hackmeeting in Malaga - i had a very small baby at the time, he's now
> 2.25 ...

Yes, we met there. I also remember your husband taking care of the baby :-)

The event is still online:

- Programme:

- Video:

> Also wondering; as Spain is federal in structure and many regional
> governments run their own "portals" (particularly for geodata); do you
> plan to use CKAN to aggregate different incoming feeds of data packages,
> as well as annotate packages that are put together centrally - i don't
> understand enough about Spain's government structures to tell how it
> *ought* to look.

Yes, and it will also reference:

- Data I scrape and structure as per the rdf of the Ontología Jurídica
Libre [1][es], a free Spanish legal ontology.

- Data I maintain about intellectual property cases (Free Proceedings)
we use in our local copyfight (webs linking to p2p, copyleft cases...)

> I forwarded your mail to spanish at lists.osgeo.org - some ongoing
> conversation about open (geo)data catalogues there...
> good luck!

Thank you :-)

[1] http://purl.org/derecho [es]


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