[ckan-discuss] Best practises meta data management for open data

Martin Kaltenböck m.kaltenboeck at semantic-web.at
Mon Aug 8 14:27:46 BST 2011

Dear all (and sorry for cross posting),

with high interest I have followed the discussions a few weeks ago about
'international open government data principles' in this mailing list.

We from the Austrian chapter of the OKF are invited to support the Austrian
official initiative 'Cooperation OGD Österreich' (4 cities & the national government)
to build a strategy as well as guidelines / principles for (publishing) open data in Austria.

One of the issues here is to develop guidelines for meta data in the field of open data
(what fields, vocabularies, standards etc to use to describe data sets in the form
of meta data e.g. in a catalogue as CKAN).

So I am looking for such meta data standards in the field of open data and/or eGovernment
as well as for best practises from other cities, national strategies et al...

Many thanks for any input you could provide in this - best regards from Vienna!


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