[ckan-discuss] ckan drupal integration meetup. 8th September.

David Raznick david.raznick at okfn.org
Wed Aug 31 12:49:23 BST 2011

Hello Eveyone.

We are trying to get people together to discuss the ways in which we are
using, or want to use, drupal with ckan.

At the moment there is lots of different implementations integrating these
systems.  Lots are done in their own unique way, each with their own upsides
and downsides.  We hope to gain from this discussion a place for everybody
who is doing/done this can share their help and experiences.  The CKAN team
will also take direction from the meeting, deciding what ways we can help
out make any integration easier for everyone.

We have set an etherpad at http://ckan.okfnpad.org/ckan-drupal, please put
your skype details down if you want be a part of it.

Thank You


Date 8/09/2011
6pm UK
time (7pm CEST, 1pm EST).
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