[ckan-discuss] [ckan-dev] ckan drupal integration meetup. 8th September.

David Raznick david.raznick at okfn.org
Wed Aug 31 15:31:15 BST 2011

> I would like to participate,  but I have already another meeting on sep 8
> between 18 and 20 hours.

This is a shame.  As your input expressed is very valuable then it might be
worth having us having discussion before the meetup (or potentially
rearrange it) in order to make the ideas absolutely clear.

2.   There it is - supporting multiple languages at the same time...at least
> a Belgian and European problem, but other countries like Switzerland might
> join.

This is a complicated problem and one we would  like to get sorted out. We
have had many ideas as to how to solve it from the ckan side.

> CKAN sticks to one language as it does now - this is synchronized with
> Drupal

> in Drupal templates,  content descriptions,   taxonomies,  searches (SOLR)
> etc ... are made language aware.
> Drupal could also implement a kind of translation workflow as an add-on
> module.

This is an interesting approach and would be good to hear exactly how this
would work.

> As you can see a complex issue.

The main barriers to the integration, especially with data.gov.uk has always
been both authorization and authentication.   Most organizations publisher
models are subtly different too which adds to the complexity.

> So currently we stick to a pragmatic solution :
> 1.   Publishers can use the CKAN api to search or enter dataset references.
> 2.   Users can alternatively enter dataset references in CKAN
> 3.   Users apply for a CKAN account and API key through a Drupal workflow.
> 3.   Content is synchronized in background ( drush ) from CKAN to Drupal
> 4.   Content can be synchronized from CKAN to Drupal on a one of basis.
> 5.   The larger public uses Drupal to search for datasets etc ..
> 6.   Drupal can enhance the content.
> 7.   Drupal is not synchronised back to CKAN.

This route is exactly where my thoughts have been heading on the issue. It
is most likely where data.gov.uk will be headed too, when it makes its next
major release.

> I hope i used the right medium to communicate my experiences and opinions.
> This is precisely the right medium and is very much appreciated.

Please take them with you in your meeting and keep me (us) posted.
> They have been noted and I will keep you informed as to anything concerning

Thank You

David Raznick
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