[ckan-discuss] thedatahub.org -> datahub.io

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Mon Apr 2 12:08:49 BST 2012

Wanted to ask here re idea of switching http://thedatahub.org to
http://datahub.io (keeping thedatahub.org of course but it doing a


* "the" is always a problem (you have to tell people etc)
* .io is no problem for the geek-ish community who will use the
DataHub (atm anyway)
* datahub.io matches our tags elsewhere more naturally (#DataHub,
DataHub in links etc)
* .io connects us to a broader audience (.org may put off more formal
/ bigger organizatiosn)

Why not?

* .io causes similar problems to "the" (i.e. you have to tell people)
* it is a bit obscure (?)

What do people think?


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