[ckan-discuss] #OpenDataLDN 3, Jan 30th: Wikimedia and New Collaborations

David Read david.read at okfn.org
Tue Jan 10 12:11:36 GMT 2012

FYI the OKF is organising a London meetup called "Wikimedia and New
Collaborations" in a couple of weeks time. If you're interested in
open knowledge then do come along. Several of us from the CKAN team
will be there as well, so do say hello. Full details are below from
Kat and here's the link: http://t.co/23gGx5Ca



Want to get involved with open knowledge communities in London, UK?

#OpenDataLDN is a bi-monthly, participatory series that gives Londoners
working in a variety of fields (including academia, science, hardware,
design, programming, media, government, transit, development and culture)
the opportunity to engage with a diverse network of locals interested in
open access, free culture and content. Our first two meetups packed the
house with great energy and new faces, so we're hoping to carry that
positive momentum on to the new year for our third installment.

This month, on January 30th at 19:00 GMT, we're meet over drinks at the
Centre for Creative Collaboration to hear Oliver Keyes talk about the
future of the Wikimedia movement regarding remixed data, and you'll also
have the opportunity to discuss and share your own initiatives.

Have a project or great idea you want people to get involved with? Send a
short summary to comm-coord at okfn.org and we'll add it to the list of
proposed lightning talks.

Join us for a night of new friends and inspiring ideas! To come, please
RSVP on the Meetup page here: meetu.ps/5j8tC <http://t.co/23gGx5Ca>

| Kat Braybrooke | Community Coordinator
| Open Knowledge Foundation | London UK
| OKFN.org <http://okfn.org/> | Tweet @OKFN <http://twitter.com/okfn> | Tweet
@kat_braybrooke <http://twitter.com/kat_braybrooke>

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