[ckan-discuss] CKAN 1.5.1 release

David Read david.read at okfn.org
Tue Jan 24 10:38:28 GMT 2012

CKAN release 1.5.1 is now available! A major new feature is supporting
running background tasks, which we will be using for downloading the data
for each catalogued dataset. This will allow us to more easily preview it,
search within it, and provide an API too.

Also included is a security fix that affected just the CKAN 1.5 release.
All known servers have now been upgraded. The nature of the issue is
embargoed for two weeks, to allow any further installations of this version
to be upgraded.

There are also UI improvements to the resource and group editing pages,
plus CKAN's language coverage now covers even more languages (thanks to the
large international community of CKAN users).

OKF provide both an easy-to-use install package for Ubuntu 10.04 (at
apt.ckan.org) as well as general source install (from Github or PyPi). For
full install and upgrade instructions see:

Here's the full Change Log of changes since the previous release 1.5 (which
was 2011-11-07):

CKAN v1.5.1

* Background tasks (#1363, #1371, #1408)
* Fix for security issue affecting CKAN v1.5 (#1585)

* Language support now excellent for European languages: en de fr it es no
sv pl ru pt cs sr ca
* Web UI improvements:
* Resource editing refreshed
* Group editing refreshed
* Indication that group creation requires logging-in (#1004)
* Users' pictures displayed using Gravatar (#1409)
* 'Welcome' banner shown to new users (#1378)
* Group package list now ordered alphabetically (#1502)
* Allow managing a dataset's groups also via package entity API (#1381)
* Dataset listings in API standardised (#1490)
* Search ordering by modification and creation date (#191)
* Account creation disallowed with Open ID (create account in CKAN first)
* User name can be modified (#1386)
* Email address required for registration (for password reset) (#1319)
* Atom feeds hidden for now
* New config options to ease CSS insertion into the template (#1380)
* Removed ETag browser cache headers (#1422)
* CKAN version number and admin contact in new 'status_show' API (#1087)
* Upgrade SQLAlchemy to 0.7.3 (#1433)
* SOLR schema is now versioned (#1498)

Bug fixes:
* Group ordering on main page was alphabetical but should be by size (since
1.5) (#1487)
* Package could get added multiple times to same Group, distorting Group
size (#1484)
* Search index corruption when multiple CKAN instances on a server all
storing the same object (#1430)
* Dataset property metadata_created had wrong value (since v1.3) (#1546)
* Tag browsing showed tags for deleted datasets (#920)
* User name change field validation error (#1470)
* You couldn't edit a user with a unicode email address (#1479)
* Package search API results missed the extra fields (#1455)
* OpenID registration disablement explained better (#1532)
* Data upload (with ckanext-storage) failed if spaces in the filename
* Resource download count fixed (integration with ckanext-googleanalytics)
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