[ckan-discuss] Linked Data meetup, 2 February, 5pm UTC

Mark Wainwright mark.wainwright at okfn.org
Tue Jan 24 15:50:39 GMT 2012

There will be an online meeting on CKAN and Linked Data on Thursday 2
February, 5-6pm UK time (6-7pm Central European Time). Anyone
interested is welcome!

If you'd like to attend, please put your name and Skype ID on the
etherpad for the meeting: <http://ckan.okfnpad.org/meetup-2012-02-02>.

There are some suggested topics that were left over from the last
Linked Data meetup, but we'll aim to talk about whatever interests
people coming to the meeting. If you have any topics you'd like to
discuss, questions you'd like to ask, etc, feel free to note them down
in the etherpad, and/or to put your name against topics already there
that you're interested in.

The last meeting on Linked Data was in November - see the etherpad for
more: <http://ckan.okfnpad.org/meetup-2011-11-17>.

Online meetings will continue roughly every two weeks - see
<http://wiki.ckan.org/Meetups> for details, subject areas, or to
suggest other subjects.

Mark Wainwright

Mark Wainwright, CKAN Community Co-ordinator
Open Knowledge Foundation http://okfn.org/
Skype: m.wainwright

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