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Mark Wainwright mark.wainwright at okfn.org
Tue Jul 31 11:10:20 BST 2012

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The last few months have seen a lot of activity in Open Data round the
world, and a corresponding clutch of new CKAN data hubs and portals in
Austria, Brazil, the US, and elsewhere. Here is a quick roundup. There
is a (fairly) complete list of all CKAN portals, with descriptions and
screenshots, at <http://ckan.org/instances>.


The Brazilian government now has an official open data portal at
dados.gov.br. It was built with CKAN by the Ministry of Planning, with
help from the Brazilian chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation. The
Brazilian Senate has also used CKAN to set up its own open data


The new Open Government Office of Buenos Aires, under its director
Rudi Borrmann, started looking last year at the possibility of
building an open data portal. CKAN’s open source credentials
recommended it and the result was data.buenosaires.gob.ar which went
live earlier this year.


Austria has a strong open data movement, reflected in the number of
city-level data portals. The Open Knowledge Foundation's Austrian
Chapter has been active in this area. The Graz open data site
data.graz.gv.at, built with OpenCms, uses CKAN as a back-end for its
data search, and also exposes CKAN directly at ckan.data.graz.gv.at.
The city of Linz uses the same approach at data.linz.gv.at. The new
national Austrian open data portal data.gv.at, another CKAN site,
harvests metadata from a number of city-level portals. Austrian CKAN
partner the Semantic Web Company has supported the national and Linz


Two new official regional portals have recently appeared in Italy, for
the Province of Rome (www.opendata.provincia.roma.it) and for Tuscany
(dati.toscana.it). The latter, Open Data Regione Toscana, is the most
recent addition to the CKAN stable, officially launched this week.


One of the longest-running sites using CKAN in the US is
OpenColorado.org, run by a local volunteer data community. The same
organisation – described on its website as “like a think tank,
educational resource, and open source technology community all rolled
into one” – has now been instrumental in setting up one of the latest,
an official portal for the city of Denver, at data.denvergov.org.


Another long-running CKAN site is data.gov.uk. However the site was
re-launched last month after a thorough overhaul. For the first time,
CKAN’s dataset searching and browsing pages are directly visible to
the user.


Finally, the new official data portal for Slovakia, data.gov.sk, went
online earlier this year, timed to coincide with the Open Data event
"From crisis of trust to open governance" in the capital Bratislava in

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