[ckan-discuss] Topic list (vocabulary/valuelist) for classifying datasets .

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Edo & Pascal,

Great topic!

Using the Eurovoc top level is also going to have the advantage of the 27
language translation work going on. And skos has a lot of traction - is
that a closed vocab that might be considered? Edo's point about hospital
usefully coming under two categories is also good - there is little point
having a strict hierarchy

By actually doing categorisation of datasets I think we will learn what
categories are missing. And when people start using it, we will realise
more what people need/want. I think this is just as important in the
process, as picking a well-known vocab.

FYI at data.gov.uk someone came up with this list of categories:
Health, Environment, Education, Finance, Society, Defence, Transportation,
Location, Administration, Spending data
We've not done much with these yet, so am happy to try and steer
data.gov.uktowards Eurovoc or other good ideas that come up here.

And at our Office of National Statistics (which provides a sizeable chunk
of the datasets) they use these categories:
Agriculture and Environment,
Business and Energy
Children, Education and Skills
Crime and Justice
Health and Social Care
Labour Market
People and Places
Travel and Transport
plus interestingly, two categories that cross-cut against the others:
Equality and Diversity
So again, this is allowing a dataset to be put in more than one category.
(Like Gmail labels, as opposed to folders.) This might seem to be getting
on like basic tagging, but the key thing I see about 'categorisation' is
that the vocab is closed, and categorisations are comprehensively applied
to datasets.

One more suggestion is to have quite a short list. Anything more than a
dozen (top-level) categories is going to be a bit bewildering for the user
browsing by them, which I guess is the aim for all of this?


On 13 June 2012 10:34, <p.romain at cg33.fr> wrote:

> Hi Edo,
> We are working on the same issue so does the team currently building the
> future opendata portal for the EU commission (see
> http://blog.okfn.org/2012/01/31/open-knowledge-foundationss-ckan-software-to-power-new-european-commission-data-portal/and
> https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-ecportalfor code and info)
> For the moment we implement de french national thesaurus available in a
> skos version but we are thinking of using the INSPIRE GEMET vocabulary as a
> complement for building a cross-domain topic list
> See http://www.eionet.europa.eu/gemet/gemet-groups.rdf?langcode=nlor
> http://www.eionet.europa.eu/gemet/
> Cordialement,*
> Pascal Romain**
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> ------------------------------
> Hi all,
> We're currently looking into a suitable topic list (i.e.
> vocabulary/valuelist) for the Dutch open data portal (data.overheid.nl).
> The main idea is to make the datasets easier to find when searching on the
> site. When comparing the topics used by *http://data.gov.uk/*<http://data.gov.uk/>,
> *http://www.data.gov/* <http://www.data.gov/>and *http://publicdata.eu/*<http://publicdata.eu/>,
> one can see the differences in how datasets are categorized are quite big.
> Apparently there is no Obvious Best Way to do this. To me, therefore, it
> would make sense to find a topic list that is not just suitable for the
> open data domain, but also for other domains. That way it becomes easier to
> also show datasets on other websites than just open data portals.
> We are considering using the (highest level) domains of EUROVOC as such a
> topic list (see *http://eurovoc.europa.eu/drupal/?q=navigation&cl=en*<http://eurovoc.europa.eu/drupal/?q=navigation&cl=en>).
> It seems to be widely used within the EU. The list is not perfect for the
> open data domain, but I guess no reasonably short list ever will be. I
> noticed that some of these topics seem to correspond with the topics on
> publicdata.eu.
> Is anyone working on this at the moment? Does anyone know how
> publicdata.eu arrived at the current topic list? Is an international best
> practice emerging? Any other thoughts on this?
> Best regards,
> Edo Plantinga
> Data.overheid.nl
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