[ckan-discuss] installation from source changed in git master

Sean Hammond sean.hammond at okfn.org
Fri Jun 29 08:58:11 BST 2012

> > Does your script create a virtualenv with the --no-site-packages option?
> Actually I had added this option as advised in the new installation
> instructions. However, it caused a warning: "Option deprecated. This
> is the default now" (quoted from memory). I believe the results were
> identical with and without the option (just from looking at them, I
> have not stored the results and run a diff). If the warning tells the
> truth the option should indeed be without any effect for my version of
> virtualenv, which should be current:

Yes. With current versions of virtualenv that option is on by default.
But with older versions (e.g. the version in ubuntu 10.04) it's off by
default. So to get consistent results across different systems we
specify the option explicitly.

About your earlier comments, it looks like we can easily get rid of
those pyutilib-related packages and update many other packages in our
requirements. See the pull request email I just sent to ckan-dev. If you
can test branch 2428-audit-dependencies on CentOS, it'd be interesting
to hear whether all the tests pass, and whether your pip freeze is the
same as mine from ubuntu (no reason it shouldn't be).

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