[ckan-discuss] About Geospatial Features (and DataStore): a question from a CKAN newbie

Luca De Santis dex at lucadex.it
Thu Jun 28 15:13:55 BST 2012

Hi all,
I'm in the process of installing and configuring CKAN to serve some data in tabular forms (eg .csv). 

For most records in the datasets I'll be able to provide geolocations and I'd like to provide a preview that shows points in map.

On the CKAN site (http://ckan.org/features/geospatial/) it is written:
"Where structured data with location information is loaded into CKAN’s DataStore, CKAN can plot the data on an interactive map."

I assumed therefore that the DataStore module (with ElasticSearch) was needed for that, but in the ckanext-spatial documentation it seems that everything is managed in the database, using the PostGIS extension.

Therefore, do I need DataStore and ElasticSearch for this or not?

Can somebody shed some light on that? Thanks in advance.


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