[ckan-discuss] CKAN installation --- contradicting versions?

Sean Hammond sean.hammond at okfn.org
Wed May 9 10:48:36 BST 2012

> I'm currently installing CKAN on a CentOS 6 machine. I follow the
> instructions at http://docs.ckan.org/en/ckan-1.6/install-from-source.html

Hey, I recently setup CKAN on CentOS 6 as well and wrote up the process


Maybe you'll find that useful, or have something to add to it?

About the tempita issue, it looks like version 0.4 is intended to be
used and that's what I have in my CKAN pyenv's on various systems
(Ubuntu, CentOS, OS X) where all the tests are passing.

You're right that following the install instructions on Ubuntu 10.04
you'll end up with Tempita 0.4 on your system and 0.5.1 in your
virtualenv, so there does seem to be a mistake in the requirements
files. I tested this on a fresh Ubuntu 10.04 VM and interestingly I have
a couple of tests failing reliably with Tempita 0.5.1:


If I then pip install lucid_present.txt with --ignore-installed to get
Tempita 0.4 in the pyenv, these tests pass.

Is anyone else seeing this?

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