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Irina Bolychevsky irina.bolychevsky at okfn.org
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Hi Bert,

You should register the dataset on thedatahub.org and add it to the LOD
group (or ask something with permissions to add to the group once you've
created the dataset) for it to be part of LOD cloud.

Publicdata.eu does not currently harvest thedatahub.org (or vice versa) -
although something we're considering for future. Cc'ing Darwin who is the
person to liase with regarding this!


On 15 May 2012 13:20, Bert Van Nuffelen <bert.van.nuffelen at tenforce.com>wrote:

> Hi,
> this is my first time on this mailinglist.
> I have the following question.
> I have a public goverment EC dataset which I like to announce through one
> of the CKAN portals.
> The dataset is in RDF format.
> I would like make it a part of the LOD cloud picture. According to my
> knowlegde that requires to register it at the thedatahub,org.
> At the same time I would like to be it present in the publicdata.euportal.
> So what are the actions I have to do so that I only have to enter the
> dataset metadata once.
> Is publicdata.eu being harvested by thedatahub.org or vice versa?
> What are the tags to set so that they are picked up by the LOD cloud and
> the harvester?
> kind regards,
> Bert
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