[ckan-discuss] Moderator Workflow User Stories?

Sean Hammond sean.hammond at okfn.org
Thu Nov 22 11:58:15 GMT 2012

> 1. As a group moderator, I would like to be alerted  whenever someone in my
> group posts a new document.

Hmm. Currently, afaik the closest thing to this is the group's "activity
stream". Activity streams and notifications thereof are being worked on
right now, so you can provide feedback and influence how this feature
will work, that would be useful to us.

In CKAN 2.0, groups have activity stream tabs on their pages (also
accessible via the API) that show whenever someone updates the group or
one of its datasets or creates a new dataset in the group. You can just
look at the activity stream on the group's page, or you can follow the
group and then its activities will appear in your activity stream on
your dashboard, and you'll get an on-site notification whenever you have
new activity on your dashboard (email notifications are also in

You can see an example on the pdeu staging site:


The activity stream tab currently takes ~30s to load, I'll be working on
that soon.

There are not "{USER} added the dataset to/removed the dataset from the
group {GROUP}" activities yet, I think those just show up as "{USER}
updated the dataset {DATASET}" (but they will appear in the group's
activity stream).

> 2. I would like to mark newly submitted documents for publication or
> rejection.
> 3. If I reject a document for publication, I would like to add a comment
> and ensure that the poster is notified that their submission was rejected.

I think these may be implemented as part of the upcoming "Organizations"

> Something along these lines would also be nice to have, although I expect
> we'll have to write a custom extension:
> 4. As a translator, I would like to be notified whenever a document has
> been approved for translation.
> 5. As a translator, I would like see a list of documents  whose metadata is
> pending translation.
> 6. As the group moderator, I need to be alerted whenever a translation is
> complete so I can approve the document for final publication.
> 7. As a user, I'd like to be able to select the english or french version
> of a document.

I believe CKAN's multilingual extension provides 7, you can upload
translations of dataset, group and tag metadata, and the user will see
the translated version depending on what their site-wide CKAN language
setting is.

But this is for translating the dataset (and group and tag) metadata
itself, not for translating the resources.

And 4-6 aren't provided.

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