[ckan-discuss] Moderator Workflow User Stories?

Peder Jakobsen | gmail pjakobsen at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 12:33:11 GMT 2012

Hi, I'm looking for the following user stories, they don't appear
immediately evident in the 2.0 User Interface or in the documents on the

1. As a group moderator, I would like to be alerted  whenever someone in my
group posts a new document.
2. I would like to mark newly submitted documents for publication or
3. If I reject a document for publication, I would like to add a comment
and ensure that the poster is notified that their submission was rejected.

Something along these lines would also be nice to have, although I expect
we'll have to write a custom extension:

4. As a translator, I would like to be notified whenever a document has
been approved for translation.
5. As a translator, I would like see a list of documents  whose metadata is
pending translation.
6. As the group moderator, I need to be alerted whenever a translation is
complete so I can approve the document for final publication.
7. As a user, I'd like to be able to select the english or french version
of a document.

Are there are existing CKAN installations in bi-lingual countries where
these types of use cases have been addressed?
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