[ckan-discuss] [Important] New release going out Tuesday 13th and Updated Release Policy

David Raznick david.raznick at okfn.org
Tue Aug 6 16:54:37 BST 2013

Hi everyone,

On Tuesday 13th August  at 13:00 UTC (15:00 CET, 08:00 EST) we will be
releasing 2.1 as well as point releases for the following versions:

1.7.X -> 1.7.4

1.8.X -> 1.8.2

2.0.X -> 2.0.2

We ask everyone to upgrade
<http://docs.ckan.org/en/latest/upgrading.html>to the latest patch
release inline with our updated release policy as soon
as possible. We write today to give you a weeks notice to prepare as well
as inform you of the new release policy which is outlined here:


Outdated patch releases (i.e. 2.0.1, 1.8.1, etc.) will no longer be
supported after a newer patch release has been released. For example once
CKAN 2.0.2 has been released, CKAN 2.0.1 will no longer be supported.

Because patch releases contain important bug fixes and security updates,
everyone should try to upgrade their sites to a new patch release as soon
as possible.

As outlined in the release policy linked above, patch releases will *only*
contain important bug fixes and security updates, so it should be easy to
upgrade to a new patch release without breaking any CKAN features or custom
templates or extensions. The upgrade process is documented on the upgrading
page linked above.

We have set up a new ckan-announce mailing list, which will be a low-volume
list for important CKAN information such as notification of new CKAN
releases. You can sign up to the new list here:



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