[ckan-discuss] Suggestion to add a site to datacatalogs.org

Rikard Fröberg rikard at morus.se
Fri Jan 11 14:56:33 GMT 2013

Dear all,

In hope of this list being the appropriate place to suggest a new open
data catalog, I'd like to propose the adding of Sweden's new (beta)
official open data portal[1] to the datacatalogs.org site.

1. http://oppnadata.se (in Swedish)

The portal is in beta still but more data sources will be added throughout 2013.

Kind regards

Rikard Fröberg

Rikard Fröberg, Rådgivare offentlig sektor
Morus konsult AB | http://morus.se/en | rikard at morus.se
0700 - 90 69 64  | 031 385 88 93

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