[ckan-discuss] "Permanence" of the data: how can CKAN help me ?

Antoine Logean antoine.logean at opendata.ch
Tue Jan 22 11:28:12 GMT 2013

Hi everybody,

I have a question regarding the support and implementation of the "permanence" [1] principle of Opendata within CKAN:

Let say you have a data provider that update its data every month:
- what is the best way in CKAN to keep track of the old versions of the data ?
- how can I define in CKAN different versions of the same dataset ?
- how can I inform the consumer that there is a new version of the data, that the data structure or interface has changed ? Does CKAN provide here some standard processes ?

I am interested of any experiences or informations related to this issue.

Thanks for your help

Antoine Logean

[1]  "… 9. Permanence: The capability of finding information over time is referred to as permanence. Information released by the government online should be sticky: It should be available online in archives in perpetuity. Often times, information is updated, changed or removed without any indication that an alteration has been made. Or, it is made available as a stream of data, but not archived anywhere. For best use by the public, information made available online should remain online, with appropriate version-tracking and archiving over time."
see http://sunlightfoundation.com/policy/documents/ten-open-data-principles/

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