[ckan-discuss] What objects should search match?

Joshua Tauberer tauberer+consulting at govtrack.us
Tue Jul 9 14:14:35 BST 2013

On 07/09/2013 08:51 AM, Mark Wainwright wrote:
> It's a bit fiddly at the moment to search in CKAN for organizations
> and groups. Should the normal search return these things as well as
> datasets? (A bit like Facebook search returns people, groups, etc, or
> Twitter search returns tweets, users, etc).
> Any views?
> Mark

Facebook is lucky that that UI works. Typically mixing/interleaving data 
types in search results comes out weird, usually because mixing 
relevancy rankings from multiple domains doesn't work. So you'll get 
e.g. all of the organizations on top because Solr gives them high scores 
for whatever reason. It also may violate user expectations, since users 
are probably expecting that a search on a data catalog will show 
datasets and not other (reified?) metadata.

- Joshua Tauberer
- http://razor.occams.info

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