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monica.palmirani monica.palmirani at unibo.it
Mon Feb 3 10:30:13 UTC 2014

Hello to everybody,
I am new in the mailing list, so sorry if the questions are stupid and 

We are a research group of University of Bologna that is active in Legal 
Informatics (technical and legal people together) for supporting the 
Open Data movement.

We are helping the Municipality of Ravenna (Italy) to provide technical 
specifications in order to set up CKAN for their open data portal.

We have four questions that I didn't find answers in CKAN documentation 
and I would really appreciate if you could help me to find proper 
1. RDF - I would like to publish RDF file like in this link
in the bottom there is this part
"Other Access
The information on this page (the dataset metadata) is also available in 
these formats:
Question#1.1: where I can find the plug/in for publishing this in 
automatic way fostering the metadata of CKAN?
Question#1.2: can I modify the vocabulary connected with some metadata 
(e.g. INSPIRE) or I must use only DCAT/foaf/DC vocabularies?
2. Temporal series - we would like to manage the temporal series in 
order to have the same dataset, but with a specific relationship for the 
temporal series. To use only "Data and Resources" I think it is not 
enough. I could have in this session several files that don't are 
connected by temporal relationship (e.g. geoData shapefile). So I feel 
the need to have a separate tab for managing inside of the same dataset 
the temporal series.
Question#2.1: does it exist a method for implementing this functionality?
Question#2.2: is it possible to open a ticket on this issue?
3. relationship among dataset - how to extend them with an external 
ontology that could qualify the type of relationship?
I have found this documentation
that defines the following relationships:

  * depends_on
  * dependency_of
  * derives_from
  * has_derivation
  * child_of
  * parent_of

Question#3.1: How can I extend this taxonomy?
Question#3.2: How can I qualify this relationship via user-interface?

Many thanks in advance.

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