[ckan-discuss] Update problems?

Gillner, Lennart lennart.gillner at dataport.de
Thu Jan 9 06:34:50 UTC 2014


I'm a bachelor student in an IT-company. We are creating and supporting an Open Data Platform for Hamburg (Germany) using CKAN.
The main topic of my bachelor-thesis is dealing with problems that might come up if the CKAN is being updated to a new version.
The platform gathers its data from many different data-providers, so we have written a lot of harvesters to 'translate' all the metadata.
Is it possible that the CKAN-structure of the metadata changes with some update? If so, we'd have to rewrite all the harvesters.

Does anyone know any other problems that might come up with a new update of CKAN?
If for example one platform is connected to another one (both use CKAN) and one of them is updating to the new version, could that affect the data-transmission?

I would be very happy about answers because I am a little bit stuck in this topic and got no more ideas.
Yours sincerely
Lennart Gillner

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