[ckan-discuss] Fwd: CKAN upload killed main page and dataset views

Sara-Jayne Terp bodaceacat at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Mar 13 13:55:01 UTC 2014

Hi guys,

TL;DR version: "Server Error" on every main Ckan page except "about"
after upload.


We're using CKAN APIv3 to load resource descriptions into
http://humanitariandataproject.org/ from lines in a google spreadsheet
(crisismappers have a *lot* of google spreadsheets). 

The upload worked, but every page except the "About" section (e.g. main
, datasets, organisations) is displaying  "Server Error: an internal
server error occurred".

Still visible are:

  * the About page
  * the dataset list in http://humanitariandataproject.org/user/sara)
  * the uploaded resources list in
  * individual resources, e.g.

The last resource uploaded had an "@" in its title - I've deleted that
resource, but am still getting the above error.

Any clues? The upload code that we used is
https://github.com/bodacea/ckandump, file googlespread_to_ckan.py.



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