[ckan4rdm] Short introduction of project EDaWaX

Joss Winn jwinn at lincoln.ac.uk
Tue Apr 23 09:57:07 UTC 2013

On 23/04/2013 10:39, "Hendrik Bunke" <h.bunke at zbw.eu> wrote:

>> If so, this is similar to what we've done at Lincoln, where we use the
>> CKAN APIs to incorporate CKAN into a curatorial deposit workflow that
>> retrieves a datacite DOI and deposits metadata into Eprints, which is
>> canonical record of institutional research outputs and data.
>That sounds very similar, yes. Can you provide any further
>details on this? What exactly is the role of CKAN in this
>scenario, when Eprints collects the metadata and also, as I
>assume, the research data?

For us, CKAN is part of a workflow to formally deposit data for curation
and preservation. The system of record is Eprints, so when a research has
data in CKAN which she wants the university to preserve, they hit the
deposit button, it fetches a DOI and then send the metadata to Eprints via
SWORD2. This is outlined here:



I intend to upload a screencast of how this works some time this week. We
demonstrated it recently at the JISC MRD programme conference.

We felt there was a need to distinguish between research data that the
researcher is responsible for and may not need long-term preservation and
dissemination, and research data that, in effect, the institution takes
responsibility for. The assigning of a DOI and publishing of a record in
Eprints is that point of 'hand over' and allows the institution to be
clear about what data the researcher has deemed of long-term value.

At the moment, the data itself remains in CKAN. CKAN can also be used as a
datastore during the research project and as a way of storing and sharing
files within a research group. We anticipate much more data held in CKAN
than ever gets formally 'deposited' and assigned a datacite DOI.


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