[ckan4rdm] Data curation with CKAN

Joss Winn jwinn at lincoln.ac.uk
Wed Apr 24 09:35:54 UTC 2013

On 24/04/2013 09:58, "Ross Jones" <ross at servercode.co.uk> wrote:

>Beyond that I don't yet have a large amount of detail in how it should
>be implemented or exactly what is required, which I think this could be
>the perfect time to get an idea of how everybody thinks curation should,
>or could, work.  Perhaps a new mail thread just to discuss what people
>would like from data curation?
>I should point out that I'm not a researcher, I'm just extremely
>in the problems that researchers encounter in managing data and like
>solving problems.


Ross, you may already be aware of OAIS, an international standard for
digital archives 

It's a high-level functional model, so it doesn't make recommendations for
exactly how organisations meet the spec, but rather it details a model for
achieving the objectives of the specification, which are the long-term
preservation and access to digital objects.

I wouldn't suggest that CKAN aims to be 'OAIS compliant' - the standard is
more about organisations being compliant through the development of
processes policy and technologies, but it might be a useful reference for
developing data curation features in CKAN.

I've blogged about OAIS here. To be honest, I've not returned to the idea
since, but I still think it's a good place to start and gives us all
something to bounce off of.


You might find the OAIS user stories that the MathArc project produced


The Lavoie paper and other references in my last paragraph of the blog
post are a good place to learn more about the standard, before reading the
actual document. It can be a bit overwhelmingŠ

I'm really pleased this discussion is taking off. I'm just starting to
write my conference paper on CKAN4RDM and this will help.


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